Kinect 2 Broadcaster

Kinect 2 Broadcaster

The Kinect 2 Broadcaster is a Windows 8 application broadcasting Kinect 2 data over the local network. It is useful in research environments where you want to dedicate a machine to drive the Kinect 2 hardware while allowing multiple cross-platform clients to take advantage of its data.

Kinect 2 Broadcaster - use case

The Kinect 2 Broadcaster is part of the Sign Synthesis and Interaction NUI scripts: It has been developed during the eNTERFACE14 workshop (, by the SLSI team, for the project A character animation authoring platform for the 99% (



The up-to-date documentation PDF can be found here:


The server binary installer can be downloaded here (beta2):

A reference implementation of the client has been developed as Python module. Get it here:


This video demonstrates the gameplay of the fireball duel simulator that we implemented during the eNTERFACE 2014 summer school in Bilbao. This game is built above the Kinect v.2 data server. A server that streams the high level information inferred by the Kinect v.2 on the network.

Source code

Not available yet.