Keyframe Reduction

In this page we present the software we developed to perform keyframe simplification of Blender animation curves.

Our solution is currently based on a Blender addon called: Simplify Multiple F-Curves.

Simplify Multiple F-Curves


Simplify Multiple F-Curves is a Blender addon that performs keyframe decimation over a selection of F-Curves over the time-window of your choice: it reduces the number of keyframes and ensures that their remaining control points are temporally aligned. Having the control points aligned on a few time marks simplifies the later manual edit of the animation. This script is particularly useful for cleaning up animation curves that have been recorded with consumer-range capture/tracking solutions.

This addon lets you:

  • Set the number of desired keyframes after simplification
  • Set the acceptable error between the original curves and the simplified curves
  • Computed keyframes are ALL temporally aligned across the curves
  • Curve selection
  • Time-window selection

The following pictures show the result of simplifying three curves, each one composed of 15 keyframes (top). Note that the resulting 10 keyframes are temporally aligned (bottom).




You can download the latest version and the documentation directly from our GitHub repository: SimplifyMultipleFCurves.

Download the PDF manual here: Simplify Multiple F-Curves Manual in PDF format.

The Plugin has been submitted to the Blender tracker to become part of the contributions. You can check it here:


Simplify Multiple F-Curves has been developed by Fabrizio Nunnari, in collaboration with Alexis Heloir for the Sign Language Synthesis and Interaction research group at DFKI / MMCISaarbrücken, Germany.

The addon implementation has been inspired and contains some code from two existing addons: