Projects, Softwares and Resources

An article about […] science in a scientific publication is not the scholarship itself, it is merely advertising of the scholarship. The actual scholarship is the complete software development environment and the complete set of instructions which generated the figures. Fomel and Claerbout (2009)

This page references the software and resources that we developed and used in our research. All the code is released under GPLv3.

Since May 2014 all the code is available on GitHub at the following address:

Kinect 2 Broadcaster

The Kinect 2 Broadcaster is a Windows 8 application broadcasting Kinect 2 data over the local network. It allows multiple cross-platform clients to take advantage of the Kinect v.2.

Hand Tracking for 3D editing

LeapModalController-IllustrationBlender add-on supporting interactive 3D authoring using the Leap Motion hand tracking device.

Keyframe decimation

SimplifyMultipleFCurves-Manual-v1_1_html_m69b9371eBlender add-on that decimate multi-channel animation curves, preserving keyframe alignment.

Facial Animation

Shot-FaceShift2Blender TrioBlender add-on that supports interactive 3D facial animation using the FaceShift Kinect-driven performance capture solution.