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Now hiring!

The independent “Sign Language Synthesis and Interaction” research group hosted at DFKI’s Innovative User Interfaces Lab and funded by the Multimodal Computing and Interaction Cluster is seeking one researcher in the following areas: performance capture, 3D user interfaces, animated Conversational agents, chatbots, computer animation, game engine. We are looking either for candidates to work on a selection […]

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Software design and architectures for interactive avatars: a hands-on approach

Important News [2016-11-12] The blender file illustrating the first assignment is available. You can download it here : You can either finish the skinning of the provided sample (add missing bone weights for each vertex) or create your own model from … Continue reading

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Looking for an EASY Job?

THIS JOB HAS BEEN FILLED. Thanks to everyone who applied. The MMCI-groups “Sign Language Synthesis and Interaction” and “Embodied Spoken Interaction” are collaborating on a project which enables users to interact with a virtual agent that can follow the user’s … Continue reading

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Featured on local TV

Our research made the headline of the local TV channel on November the 16th. You can watch the reportage on the SR-Rundfunk website at 22:15

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Character Animation

Character animation is the art of creating moving characters with the use of computers. It is a subfield of computer graphics. Until recently, crafting animation was mostly a manual, time demanding process. The arrival of new interactive medias like video games established new requirements … Continue reading

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MakeHuman + Faceshift + Blender! Our facial animation code ( is going to make it into the Make Human standard codebase.

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We are hosting a Project at eNTERFACE’14 Here is a unique opportunity to do research all together. It’s in Bilbao, Spain and it’s in June. The project we proposed at the 10th international summer workshop on multimodal interfaces has been accepted. … Continue reading

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