Looking for an EASY Job?

THIS JOB HAS BEEN FILLED. Thanks to everyone who applied.

The MMCI-groups “Sign Language Synthesis and Interaction” and “Embodied Spoken Interaction” are collaborating on a project which enables users to interact with a virtual agent that can follow the user’s gaze. We need your help to create the 3D- environment of the agent!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.26.44 PM

Your task will be to gather unlicensed / creative commons objects from the internet (approx. 60) and process them in Blender (fix orientation, vertices density and texture conventions) in order to build a convenient library of 3D objects. Objects are supposed to lay on the table and replace the cubes depicted in enclosed picture.

We offer a hiwi job for 2 months of 8-16 weekly hours where you can gain experience with Blender. If you’re interested and have experience with Blender, here is how to apply:

How to apply?

Download this zip file containing two blender files: 000Barrel.blend and 001Wheelbarrow.blend, open them in Blender and inspect them carefully. You should produce a similar file named 002Deudeuche.blend according to the instructions below and send us the file via email (alexis.heloir@dfki.de). We will hire the first student capable of following the instructions below:

Create a new Blender file with a small car model (Deudeuche, or 2CV). This file should be named 002Deudeuche.blend. It should contain 6 small 2CV cars correctly scaled and set on the table. each car should belong to a group named from Group.000 to Group.005. Textures should be correctly set to be played in GLSL render mode (game engine). The blend file should also contain a text block with the initial copyright of the 2CV model. The original blend file containing the 2CV model is in the zip archive (66427_Citroen_2CV folder).

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