We are hosting a Project at eNTERFACE’14

Here is a unique opportunity to do research all together. It’s in Bilbao, Spain and it’s in June.

The project we proposed at the 10th international summer workshop on multimodal interfaces has been accepted. It is titled “A character animation authoring platform for the 99%“. In this project, we would like to explore the capabilities of the new Kinect device (v.2), combined with the Leap motion for capturing hand animation and improving our existing character animation authoring framework. Secondly, we would like to explore new interaction metaphors enabling Novices and Deaf users to author animations.

Researchers, PhD, MS, or undergraduate students are now invited to submit an application for participation at eNTERFACE’14. All those interested in participating at the workshop should send their application by emailing the organizing committee at enterface. The application should contain:

  • A short CV
  • An ordered list of preferred project(s) to work on. Look at the Projects page for project options. The full project descriptions include a list of opened positions for each project
  • A list of interests/skills to offer for these projects. In case there are too many applicants for one project, there may be a selection by the project leader
  • The possible dates of participation. Generally it is expected that participants will take part in the workshop as a whole and attend it for the whole 4 weeks. Of course we understand that, especially in case of senior researchers that this may not be achieved.
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