Simplify Multiple F-Curves Blender Addon released

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Simplify Multiple F-Curves is a Blender addon that performs keyframe decimation over a selection of F-Curves over the time-window of your choice: it reduces the number of keyframes and ensures that their remaining control points are temporally aligned. Having the control points aligned on a few time marks simplifies the later manual edit of the animation. This script is particularly useful for cleaning up animation curves that have been recorded with consumer-range capture/tracking solutions.

This addon lets you:

  • Set the number of desired keyframes after simplification
  • Set the acceptable error between the original curves and the simplified curves
  • Computed keyframes are ALL temporally aligned across the curves
  • Curve selection
  • Time-window selection

The following pictures show the result of simplifying three curves, each one composed of 15 keyframes (top). Note that the resulting 10 keyframes are temporally aligned (below) .




Download the latest version:

Download the Simplify Multiple F-Curves Manual in PDF format, or link to the on-line HTML version.


Simplify Multiple F-Curves has been developed by Fabrizio Nunnari, in collaboration with Alexis Heloir for the Sign Language Synthesis and Interaction research group at DFKI / MMCI, Saarbrücken, Germany.

The addon implementation has been inspired and contains some code from two existing addons:

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